Helloooo and welcome to the wonderful world of HUSH.

Congrats! You’ve reached the age where no one knows what the fuck is going on. We feel ya. HUSH is your go-to gang stripping off the filters that we hide behind.

We’re not prim, we’re not proper and we’re definitely not perfect, but we’re here to tell you that’s okay. We want to shout about the things that we usually whisper, covering all things sex, relationships, mental health, drugs and everything in between.

We are a fierce collective of bold, independent women and we want to make you feel empowered and confident. So come on, join in the madness, there’s no boundaries with HUSH.


HOLLY is the chilled one. She’s super last minute but manages to smash it every damn time. Cool, calm and collected she doesn’t let things bother her, a real sass queen. Holly is always looking glam, but don’t let her fool you, she will down a pint quicker than any man.

LAURA is the sassy one. She’s bold and brave and everyone should know it. She has ALWAYS got her friends back, whether that’s wiping away their tears or shoving the 10th tequila down their throat. Everyone needs a Laura. Don’t rush her though, because Laura needs a solid 5 hours to get herself ready before any occasion.

LUCY is the cool one. On the surface she’s that gal who’s got her shit together…but in reality she’s away with the fairies. Prone to bad luck, but she doesn’t let it phase her with her fun and upbeat attitude. She’s number one for advice and always wants to make sure her friends are okay. You’ll find Lucy in the coolest London spots playing the grooviest disco tunes.

MAISIE is the spiritual one. She’s who to go to when you need a little more zen in your life, Mais will assure you that everything is aligned in the stars babyyy. Vegan and conscious about consuming fast fashion you’ll always find Mais dressed in the cutest charity shop bargains. She knows that life isn’t always easy, but she takes the good days and the bad days in her stride just as equal, because every day is journey and a lesson.

EMILY is the loveable one. A true Sagittarius she has a generous heart and loves to share it (with humans but mostly dogs). She has an open mind and will give you a tarot card reading whenever you need. She’s a girl’s girl and will never let you down. If you want fun and spontaneous time, go to Emily because she bloody loves a bevvy and a boogie.

SARAH is the dark horse. She likes to keep herself to herself, but she has her wild side too. A real Yorkshire lass she loves a good ol’ pint. She works out and does boxing too, so don’t mess with Sarah. She’s a family gal and loves to spend her time with her boyfriend.

ABBIE is the positive one. She has always got a smile on her face and is the one to go to if you need a pick-me-up. Her happy go lucky vibe is infectious and she tries to see every day as ‘the cup half full’. That being said, she can be very stubborn, and Abbie is also known for being super emotional (she will quite literally cry at anything… happy or sad).

If you don’t already, follow us on Instagram (@hush_mag) and Twitter (@HUSH_magazine) and let’s try to make sense of this crazy world together.

HUSH gang x

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