The conversation between my friends and I often turns to sex. We’re not the type of girls to judge and we’re certainly not shy when telling someone what we want in a sexual setting. But when one of my friends says the thing that really gets her going is when her boyfriend spits in her face and calls her a whore, her eyes and voice lower, she almost seemed sorry.

And that’s when the penny dropped. One by one my friends and I each started to reveal our dirty little secrets, one enjoys calling her boyfriend daddy as she begs for sex, another gets turned on when her nipples are clamped.

Are my friends and I just a bunch of fucking freaks? Absolutely not. Women like being dominated in sex and there is absolutely no shame in playing the game…

Hush spoke to 21 year old *Lottie who realised she a bit of a freak in the sheets, but after opening up to her friends she realised she’s not the only one… 

We’d been together since we were 14 and we discovered our sexuality together, even when were  ‘just friends’ our relationship was very sexual. I was around 15 years old when we started having ‘fucked up’ sex. We started using house hold objects like ties, dressing gown ropes and his belt to tie each other up and whip me.

We’d talked about getting toys for years, so when I moved to university and had a bit more space we got our first actual toy, it was only a little vibrator, but don’t be fooled by the size, it was fucking amazing. Then we got whips with a little pad on the end, hand cuffs, cable ties. Over time we just started having madder and madder sex and bought additions like gags, nipple clamps and anal plugs, we were just getting more and more comfortable with each other whilst pushing our sexual pleasures further.

A few months ago he rented an AirBnB in our local town, simply because we were both extremely horny over the holidays and wanted a place to ourselves. As soon as I walked in he told me to get undressed, started spanking my ass and forced me to my knees and put his dick in my throat, grabbing my hair and throat fucking me. We always make sure we do foreplay for a while before we have sex cause the build up always makes it better.

We fucked for a bit, him choking me, pulling my hair, calling him daddy. We went downstairs where he put objects inside me while we did other things so it was like we were having a threesome (something we have always talked about doing). Putting them in my vagina, while I was sucking his dick and we would switch. We both cummed like that.

We had sex like four times that night having anal and normal sex and they were all some of the best experiences over the seven years that we’ve ever had. Every time we fucked it was amazing, it was the biggest release of emotional and physical energy.

I love the feeling of not being able to move and feeling powerless over someone so big and strong and speaking to me like shit. Calling me bitch, slut, a whore, anything to humiliate me. I love being in pain, I feel like my pain receptors send nerves to my vagina. The pain of being held down and spanked on the same spot over and over. The pain is over powering but you are hopeless. You have no choice but to take it because their dick is shoved down your throat or inside you. Does this make me fucked? It sounds fucked but It really gets us both going.

I think everyone has their own sexual preferences. Some people are in to being dominated, and some people like feet, some like people dressed as clowns and others like people shitting on them. Whatever you are into, you just have be open and honest with the person you are sleeping with and you have to keep an open mind for them. I think it really improves the relationship, my boyfriend and I always used to argue and when we had sex all of those problems seemed to go away. Instead we would feel satisfied and relaxed.

I would recommend using toys, just try it, good sex means a good life. Literally the best things in life are sex, weed and food. Start small, test the waters, discuss what types of things you would like to try out before you buy and you could order online or there is no shame in going in Ann Summers alone, or together. Maybe use porn as an inspiration, it’s so important to watch it by yourself so you know what you are into, you don’t know what freaky stuff you might like until you push the weirdness up a little when watching on your own.

I still get embarrassed sometimes, I know I shouldn’t but when my friends ask me things I just giggle a bit. I want to start being more open as I am realising more and more people LOVE exploring sex.  Sex is a natural part of life and you should embrace it however you like.

image: @eromaticax

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