Let’s face it people our age are probably not going to walk into a bar and meet the man of dreams. Mainly because in the bars where we go we can barely hear ourselves speak, let alone try and chat each other up.

But let’s be fair to ourselves as well – all we want to do when we’re out is have a good ol’boogie.

So how do people like us meet the person of our dreams?

As much as bevving in a beer garden and having nights in with our pals is great. I don’t know about you, but when it’s sunny outside I wanna go and drink in the park with bae, when it’s cold in winter I wanna snuggle up under a duvet and watch Netflix and chill.

So how do we meet people? Well thankfully we’re now in age of social media, where a swipe right somehow left me with a long-term boyfriend.

Tinder – seen by people our age as the social norm but let’s be real you wouldn’t tell your family you’d met your partner on social media. Would you?

“So how did you meet your new boyfriend then?”

“Oh he slid into my DM’s the other night after a night out.”

Somehow I don’t think that would go down very well. Then when you complain how hard it is to date you’ll get the typical “well me and your dad met in the bar I used to work out and he proposed to me a year later.”

With the risk of sounding cliché did our parents even have to date?

BUT dating on social media doesn’t have to be daunting or dangerous – as much as the internet might be thriving with fakes and cat fishes it’s also the perfect tool to research your next new catch.

Yes dating online can be tiresome it feels like you’re going one swipe forward and then on swipe back.

Here’s some tips to avoid the regrets of having a date with the one you met in the club – beer goggles can be awful things.

  • BE FILTER AWARE – As much as I love a cheeky flirty filter now and then, they are dangerous things. If you want to have the best chance of meeting someone who looks like they do in the photo, swipe left to the filter and right to the fitty.
  • Check their social media – but DON’T tell them you did that: We are of the impression that stalking someone’s social media is normal, it is…to an extent. If you want to know if the date is going to be worth it, it can be useful to see what they share comment and like, but if you go ahead with the date, don’t act like you already know all this info. Act surprised when you realise you have the EXACT same music taste or both have the same favourite film, because otherwise well, they’re gonna think you’re a little bit creepy. And let’s be fair the point of a first date is to get to know each other, so as much as argument’s can be avoided, you could also be avoiding new conversation starters.
  • Be social when you’re with your date: No I don’t mean sit and tweet, snap and boomerang your way through. I mean switch the phone off and TALK to them. The last thing any date wants is to be sat across from someone who’s glued to their phone rather than having your eyes glued on them
  • Don’t drink and text – Once it gets to 10pm and you’ve been drinking, status up dates are a no go. The last thing your potential partner wants is you gushing about how well your dates going – or even worse how much you want to jump out the nearest bathroom window and run. So log off, log out and keep your thoughts to yourself until the next day. No one likes a hangover paired with regret.
  • Sorry to get serious – be careful, this is stranger. As much as you don’t want to be talking and texting during your date – before you leave let your friends know when you are and keep your phone easily accessible. Not to go all stranger danger on you guys, social media is a fantastic tool for dating, but can be a dangerous gate into the unknown.
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