Unless you have been living under a rock the past few months you’ll have seen the mass amount of Generation X fawning over the new Netflix show, ‘Tidying Up With Marie Kondo’.

Yes it may be good for the soul to get down and dirty with ya trusty pair of marigolds every once in a while, but there’s a different type of ‘cleaning’ that we think can cleanse the soul.

Instagram can be a toxic place for our mental health, but WE are in control of the information we chose to consume. No one is forcing you to follow the influencers’ that make you feel shit.

Here at HUSH we say let’s quit the bullshit, eliminate negativity and only follow people online who make us feel HAPPY.

So if they don’t spark joy, HIT THAT UNFOLLOW BUTTON.

With that in mind, we put together a list of the instagrammers’ who bring joy to our feed.




Chessie is our FAVE gal and if we could add an 8th member to the HUSH gang it would be her! She is constantly posting unfiltered images to her insta which show the beautifully raw side of her life. On top of this, she’s just launched her ‘I don’t care what you think about me’ series where she invites empowering women to embrace the body they were blessed with, strip bare and flaunt what their mama gave them. We admire each and every one of these women who are smashing beauty expectations and showing us that every inch of our body is BEAUTIFUL, no matter what we look like. 


As an ex high fashion model, Taylah has certainly experienced the intense pressures surrounding body image, but she is now smashing the stereotype. Six years ago she was wrapped up in a severe eating disorder but now says a massive FUCK YOU to diet culture. Alongside snippets of her life she shares shots that break down the stigma about body standards.

“I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, thank you belly pouch for keeping my baby making organs safe. I will never wish you away again.” 


Libby Phillips is a body positive illustrator who creates v cute images with important messages. She brightens up our timeline on the daily and we just love the positivity that her feed radiates. 

“Your best is ALWAYS good enough, just sometimes through various factors it isn’t quite available for you to use. And that’s okay — as long as you accept your limits and give Your Best the time and care it needs to catch up with you,” she says.

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relax and sniff the flowers 🌷🌹💐

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Chidera Eggerue AKA The Slumflower is the woman behind the #saggyboobsmatter movement, which, unsurprisingly, encourages women to embrace their saggy boobs.

This women is a BOSS BITCH, she’s given a TED talk, appeared on countless talk shows and even written her own book, ‘What a time to be alone’. She’s bold, empowering and we wish we could be best mates.

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