America might be in the spotlight at the minute for having a lot of backwards laws, but there’s one thing they’ve done right recently. Texas have just passed a law that means, as of September 2019, it will be a punishable offence to send unsolicited dick pics.

HALLELUJAH, we hear you girls.

Yes, this obviously doesn’t protect us British babes from those unwanted dick pics but with a bit of luck the effects of this law may cross the pond and create a change of opinion here too.

Unsolicited dick pics are NOT a joke and we shouldn’t have to brush them off as if they’re funny.

We hate to break it to you, but if you’re sending dick pics to random girls without their consent, you are a sexual predator and we can only imagine it’s because your sex life is as dry as the pics that you send make us.

We’re pretty sure you’re not doing it to show off cause some of the ones we’ve been sent are of absolutely nothing to shout about.

So what is your intent?  Do you expect us to open the pic and think WOW let me hop on that randomers dick real quick?

Well reality check, you’re fucking wrong.

When we open our inbox to see a gross pic of your dick, we feel nothing but violated.

We can set our social media to private, and make every change possible to stop you from sending them, BUT THEY STILL END UP IN OUR MESSAGE REQUESTS.

If we’re not accepting your friend/follow request to begin with, then sending us pics like that sure as hell won’t change our minds.

When we think of the term sexual harassment, we think of physical advances towards another, person to person contact. But just because this can be done from behind a screen doesn’t mean that it can’t be classified as sexual harassment.Sending unsolicited dick pics is sexual harassment and it’s time that British authorities treated it that way. 

So girls next time you get sent a dick pic without your consent, don’t just let it slide, report that creep. Guys let us leave you with this question, if you saw us in the street, would you shove your dick in our face?

No you wouldn’t, so pls don’t do it via the internet.

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